Too Much Talking Episode 16: The “Valentine Makeup” Episode

Featuring: Kayin, April, Crouton, Eric, Jessica

Too Much Talking #16 “Valentine’ Makeup” Episode 02/15/11

Running late, but here it is. Another cast of nothing but questions. I really need to start keeping show notes to remember topics, but whatever, let the comments in the old posts be your guide.

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4 thoughts on “Too Much Talking Episode 16: The “Valentine Makeup” Episode

  1. Good episode guys. =D

    One of my biggest pet peeves is when people argue a game (or anything really) is only viewed in a positive manner purely because of nostalgia, rather than the game actually being of good quality. To me it is such a baseless argument that can be accused at anything that was released in the distant past. Plus, I’d like to think I’m honest enough with my self to know whether or not a game is good (at least to me personally), regardless of my history with it.

    Do you feel the nostalgia argument is valid or invalid? Do you believe nostalgia heavily affects the way you view certain things, or do you effectively view them objectively?

  2. Questions about questions.

    Do you want good questions? Do you want us to go through the past comments and check what questions have already been asked? Should we just unleash a flood of questions and topics on you?

  3. Ok Kayin.
    What do you think of the numerous fan games that have spawned from your game? Also, have you played any of them?

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