Art: Naomi vos Cruz Concept Art

I’m a horrible concept artist. I spent like a million years during this, but now it’s done. I’ll probably append this description later to include full sizes of all her clothing layers, but for now, I just wanna upload it.

So here we have, in full, annoying nobility naming, Naomi Isabella Victoria vos Cruz. Naomi is the lead character in the Metroidvania title, Tower in the Sky that will be finished sometime before our sun morphs into a red giant. Still, I wanted to get a better understanding of her design as I plan to experiment with 3d modeling. We’ll see how well that goes, later. Either way I drew every layer of her outfit, front and back. Theres only a few snapshops in this picture, but they exist.

So what of Naomi? I found it hard writing some of her descriptions because Naomi in Tower in the Sky is a different from the Naomi I’ve roleplayed. She is younger and naive, more trusting and faithful. She doesn’t quite yet have the resolve of her older self, nor has she begun to truly yet question her faith, a big point of the character. These things will all, hopefully be addressed in the game if I ever get it done and properly execute the story. As such, I kept a lot of her listed traits as things that are consistent with her in almost all incarnations.

I have more information about her up in various other pieces of artwork, which you can look at if you’re interested. Some of it is out of date — I’ve been revising everything and solidifying what I can. Once she’s in a game (even if it only comes out after most of society has collapsed), her history and details are then sort of set in stone unmovable, unless I employ the jackhammer of ‘retconning’. I’d rather avoid that.

Anyways this was a lot of fun

Layer 6
Layer 5
Layer 4
Layer 3
Layer 2
Layer 1