TMT Laziness

We went out to eat and are all way too lazy. We’ll record on monday and catch up. NO COMPLAINING. ASK MORE QUESTIONS.

6 thoughts on “TMT Laziness

  1. Is there any justification for the existence of random encounters? I’m not up to date on what’s going on in modern RPGs, but I think I’ve hated every single RPG with random encounters I’ve ever played except Pokemon. Persona doesn’t have them, does it?

  2. Hey, not sure if you guys have been asked about this, but, with the horrible critical reception of Final Fantasy 13/14, which many people feel only sold well due to the franchise’s name, do you think there’s any real hope of SE redeeming the series and making more critically praised games? I want to love FF again!

  3. How was the food at the place you ate at?

    And a slightly more serious question,

    Some people bemoaned the lack of an “easy mode” in the game Demon’s Souls, but the game’s director argued that making an easy alternative would ruin the sense of accomplishment that the game gave the player. What are your thoughts on easy modes? When are they good? When are they not necessary?

  4. What are your thoughts on voice acting and subtitles in games?

    When I see games that use voice acting in addition to written dialogue I usually think it adds to the game, especially if I can turn off the voices in case the voice actors botched it. When I see games that use voice acting but don’t include subtitles it drives me nuts because Murphy’s Law will kick in and cause those games to need subtitles. I’ve also seen games with subtitles that show up as white text on a light background, which is hard to read. Some games have subtitles with fonts that have letters that look too similar or are too small. If a game is going to include voice acting then it should include a dialogue log in a pause menu. Even if there are subtitles on the screen the player can sometimes lose immersion by reading them instead of trying to listen. The dialogue log takes away pressure and lets a player soak in the experience of the game.

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