Too Much Talking Episode 15: The “Questions” Episode

Featuring: Kayin, Paul, Aintaer, Patito, Crouton, April

Too Much Talking #15 “Questions” Episode 02/05/11

We got a bunch of user questions this week and we get to answering them. It’s a fun format, so I hope you can all get more questions in next week! If you wanna get a good grasp of what goes on in the episode, take a look at last week’s comments, because thats pretty much the whole thing!

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6 thoughts on “Too Much Talking Episode 15: The “Questions” Episode

  1. Hahahaha. I probably should have come up with a decent question but everyone else was doing that so… Meh. However, this week I shall formulate an actual, valid, question. HERE GOES NOTHING:

    If you could have a sequel to any game, from any series/non-series. What would it be and why?

  2. That…was a lot of Q&A.

    To make a counter-point to ZeroZero’s question: What games do you wish never had a sequel, or what games right now do you think should never have a sequel/spiritual successor?

  3. Hey, remember me? I’m the guy that asked about eroge games on one of your earlier podcasts. I have a few new questions to ask you guys.

    1) Do you ever use video games to vent and/or alleviate your frustrations? If so, which ones do you use? I’ve heard of people using Call of Duty or Gears to vent. Like, pretending that Locust you just shot in the head is your boss who chewed you out earlier that day. I am a bit different. I usually play a nice and ambient game such as Within a Deep Forest to calm me down after I get mad/frustrated. (Kayin’s post about the Dickwolves comic sort of “inspired” me to ask this question)

    2) In the past couple months my friends and I have been playing a lot of Soul Calibur 4. Now, admittedly, I am the best at the game usually racking up 17 wins to 1 loss and my friends get to the point of yelling “HORSE SHIT!” at the top of their lungs every time I win. It has been a joke amongst us that that game is destroying our friendships XD. I was wondering if you’ve ever played a game that you’d consider a friendship ruiner.

    3) What do you think about video game piracy? Be it older NES ROMs to torrenting that new PC Game to burning Xbox 360 Isos to play on a 360.

    4) What do each of you guys do for a living?

    5) Kayin, is it gay if our penises touch? I mean, just touch for about a second… just on the tips?

  4. Hi, sorry about my last question being kind of unclear, I didn’t really know how else to explain it without rambling on forever– plus I didn’t expect you to try to read it all aloud, or I wouldn’t have had all of those crazy parentheticals or whatever the hell I had going on there, ha.

    You did touch on my point when you discussed (I think) Meat Boy and the fact that it can be “as difficult as you want it to be,” which you consider good design. You also talked about liking pits because they’re scary and punishing. I agree with both of these sentiments, but is it possible to make pits that are also “as difficult as players want them to be” without them losing their potency? I mean, I could imagine a “pit” that doesn’t kill you at all, but is just devastating to your online ranking, or your ability to unlock things (unless you voluntarily go back to a save point), or something. Weak players would have no problem progressing through the game, while hardcore players would still hate falling into those fucking pits. Is that “mission accomplished,” then, or is there some sort of unique “aura” about insta-deaths that legitimately can’t be replicated?

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