Too Much Talking Episode 14: The “Flawed Masterpiece” Episode

Featuring: Kayin, Paul, Patito, Crouton, April, Eric, Ben

Too Much Talking #14 “Flawed Masterpiece” Episode 01/29/11

A lot less coughing this week! Anyways, don’t you hate it when games are almost super good but not quite? Anyways we talk a little about that, about Monster Hunter Portable G 3 and a bunch of other stuff and user questions. Going for a shorter format here too. I think we’ll be aiming for an hour in the future, but don’t worry, if the conversation is interesting, we won’t stop. Anyways, please don’t be afraid to answer questions. Trynant and Johnsonic keep us going each week, but having a bigger mix of questions would be wonderful!

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10 thoughts on “Too Much Talking Episode 14: The “Flawed Masterpiece” Episode

  1. Good stuff! And all this talk about Monster Hunter 3 makes me wish you would hurry up and start playing Demon’s Souls.

    I bought Monday Night Combat for the PC a few days ago. I like it a lot, and it doesn’t feel like a console port. I feel Uber Entertainment has a good sense on what makes a strong multiplayer experience.

    I totally agree about Castlevania being really close to a great game. I still really enjoyed it for what it was, but damn, just a tad bit more polish would of made it outstanding!

    And yeah, I do hope people other than JohnSonic7 and me start posting questions. I’m running out of ideas! I will try to think of a good question later.

  2. What do you think about games that “force” you to be consistent? It is fun to replay/speedrun stages in both Super Meat Boy and Super Mario Bros. 1, but it’s pretty aggravating that Mario actively makes me do this in order to progress in the game (even in the All-stars version). Is that “aggravation” in and of itself a desirable characteristic of Mario 1’s implementation of its “consistency test,” somehow? Or are time trials and leaderboards just a better, modernized version of the “Game Over? To the beginning of the world/game with you!” punishments of old?

  3. Hi! I’m curious upon the topic of weather effects within video games. Environment is always a large part of the atmosphere within any game but why does the idea of weather seemingly have a small impact in most recent games? I don’t refer to lighting effects or visibility, but whenever I turn on a game I’m usually presented with the obligatory snow level that is only visual, what if COD had snow levels that reduced mobility? or any multiplayer game shift level design in the form of GOW2 and how an actual avalanche poses a threat and changes the field?

  4. Okay, I have a question. What that do you think are important aspects to designing a video game, especially an indie game, that a developer should always keep in mind? I know you mentioned before how important it is to filter out the bad and keep the good, but are there any other major parts to game design that are absolutes?

  5. Question for the air: Is there a reason that some TMT episodes don’t show up in my iTunes feed? If I’m not the only person having this issue, I’m sure others would like to know the reason for this.

  6. -makes everyone aware that I listen to the podcast- :3

    question. I’ve been thinking about this, and if it could be done, but what would you think about games that came up with a dialogue system (for its AI) in which they would compose sentences based on their personality and what was actually happening in the game? nothing ever scripted. like, if you marble-sacked all the men in a village, put the girls to work, and had a different woman in your bed every night, a newcomer to your village might be like “WTF?”. more eloquent, obviously, but I feel like you get what I mean.
    ‘nother question. do you feel like established game devs have too much pussy in them to take risks with their AAA status games, potentially making a game fresher and more exciting, but instead just slap on the next-great number to the end of the title?

  7. Have you played Icarus ProudBottom and the Curse of the Chocolate Fountain yet?

  8. Another question, inspired by the fact that I seem to be checking this blog for updates far more often than I should be (not that I’m obsessed or anything like that)…

    Have you all ever been overly obsessed with an activity, a community, a game, or even a person to a degree that was unhealthy? For example, did you possibly play too much of this one video game that bordered on addiction? If you did get obsessed with something, what (or who) was it?

    P.S. I am most likely not stalking you :D

  9. Great episode guys! Didn’t really notice the shorter length as they always go by fast for me. =D
    My question:

    After seeing Castlevania Harmony of Despair (the recent XBLA game) put a spin on castlevania by adding cooperative multiplayer (btw, I’d like to know if anyone has played it and/or what they think about it. I have not, I just know the soundtrack is great), it made me wonder what genres or franchises would benefit the most from multiplayer whether it be in the form of co-op or competitive. I now pass this question on to you.

  10. Hey, we skipped your question because I don’t really know. I’ll look into the issue with the itunes feed.

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