Too Much Talking Episode 13: The “Sick, Sad and Short Metroidvania Episode”

Featuring: Kayin, Paul, Patito, Crouton, April, Jessica (and Kemru)

Too Much Talking #13 “Sick, Sad and Short Metroidvania Episode” 01/21/11

Oh man, so we were all so sick and miserable this week. We also just went out for a big dinner for Patito’s birthday. So we are sick, stuffed and pathetic. The unlucky 13th episode is a world of pain brought on upon god, and I pity those of you who listen to it. April and I could hardly laugh without convulsing into coughs.

So yeah, sorry.

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5 thoughts on “Too Much Talking Episode 13: The “Sick, Sad and Short Metroidvania Episode”

  1. The download link only leads to a page that says 404, and the embed reads “file not found”. Hope you guys feel better soon. =D

  2. Aside from toilet paper issues and the occasional inanity, the podcast was not that terrible thanks to talks about Metroidvanias and competitive gaming.

    Hey! Johnsonic7 totally got credited for my question! I AM RAGE ON THE INTERNETS NOW.

    I have played Shadow Complex. It’s Super Metroid HD: it even has lame boss fights! Still, a Super Metroid clone is not a bad thing at all.

    By the way, I’m just going to save you a lot of grief right now if you haven’t gotten to it yet. The Clocktower has cranks that works differently than any other crank in the game. You have to hit R2 and then LET GO to keep holding on to it. If you hold down R2 Gabriel lets go of the clank after a brief period of time. This actually confused the Gametrailer reviewers into thinking the crank was truly bugged and you needed to tap R2 repeatedly to pull the crank.

    I have a question for next episode (and sorry for it being so lengthy): Having already talked about game reviewing being in a bad state, what do you think of situations where game journalists take interview quotes and select only segments of the interview that are controversial to get a lot of traffic? A specific example that comes to mind is a recent interview Edge Magazine did with Jonathan Blow and Chris Hecker, where CVG then ripped some quotes from Jonathan Blow about the PS3 vs. 360 for a quick ‘headline.’ Blow wrote about this on his blog,

    Short version: Do developers have the right to be angry at the press in situations like this, or should they know better by now? Should the press have a higher level of standards or is this okay to do?

  3. lol, I noticed you said my name for the metroidvania thing rather than Trynant’s. Good episode guys, I did not find it horrible in the least. =D

    Not really a question for the podcast, but I remember you mentioning something interesting on “the worst podcast ever” way back when. You said something about a program that lets you see the hitboxes in NES ROMs while playing them. Maybe I’m hallucinating, but if you could let me know what that was I would greatly appreciate it.

    Don’t know if you care, but my psn name is johnsonic7. It’d be cool to play a few SSF4 matches with you, if you’re ever feeling bored.

  4. My question:
    What do you guys think about the survival horror genre in general as well as where it’s going? I’m too much of a pansy to play them, are any of you the same way?

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