Facebook IWBTG Q&A

The IWBTG Facebook fan group posted a bunch of questioned they wanted answered. They’re nothing crazy, your typical friendly fan questions, but I figured I’d throw this up in public. Names are edited out. It’s not like they aren’t in some way public already, but I figure most people would rather not have their real names thrown around. Anyways.

How did the cherries get so large?

The real question is how the kids got so small!

Why does the game hate me so much?

The game would like to assure you that it’s nothing personal. The game hates all people equally.

how and where did you get your first idea of this game?

I got the idea from two places. First, the Kid sprite was made to show my friend Eric how easily you could make a character and walk animation. From there, Owata inspired me to think of a more involved game with the same concept. At the time, Owats wasn’t fully developed and ended up feeling tiny and uninteresting. I set out to make a more complex labyrinth of challenges but ended up creating multiple paths instead.

What encouraged you to make the most addicting and TOTALLY frustrating game of all time? :D

What convinced you to make this super practically impossible game?

What or who persuaded you into making this game?

My friend Eric. After that, the support of my friends to continue and add more. It just snowballed into something much bigger than I expected.

Are you a Wizard?

Obviously. Next question.

Are you considering making an IWBTG 2, featuring games you didn’t before, such as Super Mario Bros.?

what about a sequel?

could your team imagine to create a real sequel to IWBTG?

To all of you who are asking the same question, absolutely! Also remember, I had Shy Guys, Bowser, Wart, Birdo, Cheep-cheeps and Bullet Bills! My Mario references were comparatively subtle compared to some other games, but they were there!

Are you really working on a chapter for Teh Internets in Super Meat Boy?

It is untrue. The truth is I’m supposed to be working on a chapter but am not. :D But yes, there will be an IWBTG chapter with levels designed by me.

Are you able to finish the game at hard?

Yes. The game is designed for Hard. Personally I never did V.Hard though. Those save points were balanced by community members who were very good at the game.

Are you ever going to finish making I want to save the kids?

Sadly no. The idea didn’t have “legs”. The concept may be revisited at some point, but nothing is planned right now.

Hey you know how to fix oil burners?

Well, like, obviously! I’m supposed to be manly and stuff!

Can you provide background information on the history of The Guy?

Hahah, there isn’t some big mythology behind the guy. Obviously he’s the Kid’s Father. He killed his own Father, Grandfather the Guy. I would venture to say Grandfather The Guy was a kind and just The Guy, whom was overthrown by his Son out of a hunger for Power. The Kid’s justifications are more pure of heart, while his Father’s were driven by evil. Also he had a 2 pack a day habit until he quit, by, you know…. dying.

when do you thing start IWBTG THE MOVIE!?

I started it 25 years in the Future where Uwe Boll has paid me 5 million dollars for film rights. It sounds like a lot, but inflation is an issue.

How has your day been?

Pretty good, but after like four hours on skype, my ears hurt! D:

Can you make IWBTG crash less when I’m fighting a boos when he’s halfway dead?

Sadly Multimedia Fusion 2 is (or was) a piece of shit. Updating it also broke aspects of the game, though it probably would have been more stable. I’m sincerely sorry about that!