Too Much Talking Episode 9: The “Inconvenient Christmas” Episode

Featuring: Kayin, Paul, Patito, Crouton, Eric, Ben

Too Much Talking #9 Inconvenient Christmas” 12/21/10

Early episode due to Christmas coming! We take a tackle at Natural Selection 2, Team Fortress 2 and answer user questions on Eroge games and sex scenes, video game pet peeves, random chance and… drinking?

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8 thoughts on “Too Much Talking Episode 9: The “Inconvenient Christmas” Episode

  1. Kickass episode, interesting opinions on subject matter at hand. Although criticizing Oblivion is like shooting fish in an open-world barrel.

    Warning: Long Comment Ahead, TL;DR version at the bottom, question midway through and marked with a few asterisks.

    First off, I’m so glad I don’t play TF2. I’m less glad that I haven’t played Minecraft since alpha.

    I guess I should say what I think about randomness since I asked the question; I dislike “dice-roll” randomness but love procedural/randomly generated content. The former often brings situations where, as you all pointed out, you can get screwed over and it wasn’t your fault, while procedural content if done alright provides situations you can adjust and not feel like luck was the determining factor to your success. Totally agree that real-time environments, competitive ones especially, have very little need for any randomness.

    Awesome that you like the microbrews! I actually did not start drinking until I was of legal age (!), and I tend to gravitate towards craft beers and have somewhat of a hatred for the carbonated water with alcohol that is most (all?) American mainstream beers. And really, it’s a godsend that the local supermarkets have okay beer now, even if half the time it’s stale. I find that a few drinks with friends and a social game that doesn’t require much quick-thinking (Rock Band, a lot of boardgames) works out well.

    I’m unfamiliar with eroge and would like to keep it that way, but you make a great point about the physical act of sex not being important to a narrative as much as the dialogue and character changes that occur afterwards that make for engaging story.

    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is so excellent.

    If you remember what your pet peeve about Oblviion was please say so in the next podcast!

    As for your question, yes, music should be at the end of every podcast; assuming you can think of an loosely appropriate song. For this podcast, for instance, I would go with the opening song for Oblivion. Or the love scene choir from Dragon Age: Origins.

    ***Unsurprisingly, I have another question! What are your opinions on Let’s Plays, the walkthrough-with-commentary videos notorious for their mediocrity (that’s being nice)?

    (I’m afraid that I am doing an LP myself, and am horrified at how bad my voice can be and even more horrified at the amount of people that tolerate it!)

    I am of the opinion that Let’s Play as a genre is a wonderful idea; some Let’s Plays are wonderful, but there seems to be an alarmingly high percentage of crap out there! Your LPs were fairly good, for instance, but holy balls have you seen how many bad IWBTG LPs there are out there (I must be fair and say there are a handful of okay ones but yeesh)?!

    TL;DR, I liked the podcast, I have opinions, what are your thoughts on LPs?

  2. I’ll probably say it anyways, but the pet peeve is every fucking NPC is Sherlock Holmes. “You have the hands of a smith!” “You have the hands of illusionist!” “Your shield arm is strong!”

    This is a world of like the most fucking observant people ever, to the point where it borders on absolutely absurd. I’ll probably say this first thing on the next cast, but I’ll just leave this here just in case.

  3. Thinking of pet peeves and achievements… One of my main pet peeves is forced tutorials, which often slow down the game to the point that I’ve quit before the tutorial is over. What are your thoughts on the issue of tutorials?

  4. Hoped you guys all enjoy(ed) the holidays! The episode was entertaining as usual. The I didn’t expect the questions to spark conversation for nearly half the episode, but they brought about some very interesting conversation so I’m not complaining. =D

  5. Kayin was talking about how he wants to make a metroidvania style game with a fighting system(more specifically brave earth), so my question is what mixture of genres do you think would be, or currently is the most interesting to you personally? [examples include an FPS/RTS, Puzzle Game/RPG (like puzzle quest and the like), and I think you mentioned something about a turn based Fighting Game]

  6. In your 12/06/10 Blog Post titled “The Executive Barrier” you said “A community without a competitive backbone stagnates and dies.”

    I take some issue with this statement. I’m sure you’re familiar with a little game called “MineCraft”. The community of this game is thriving and growing every day, however there seems to be almost no competitive aspect in the multiplayer game (Aside from Spleefing, but I’ve never met a player who plays MineCraft for the Competitive Spleefing). In MineCraft, the backbone that keeps the community alive is not competition, but instead cooperation.

    By saying that communities without a competitive backbone will stagnate and die, are you implying that MineCraft will also eventually stagnate and die unless Notch introduces some serious competitive aspect into the game? Or… Am I just misinterpreting that statement?

    (The reason why I’m commenting here instead of on that blog post is because I think this might make for some interesting discussion on the podcast. However, if you’d rather just address it here in the comment section and not mention in the podcast, go ahead. I’m curious to know your answer either way.)

  7. I am referring more to games where you are doing something that is based on conflict. Minecraft is like a big sandbox chatroom thing that really is outside of the scope of what I was talking about. But it was interesting to bring up!

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