Too Much Talking Episode 2: The “Spike Dies” Episode

With a full room of folks, the recording is a little bit more sloppy, but we talk about the Team Fortress 2 shop, Motion Controllers, and the state of modern gaming. We were lucky to have a few questions this time around to help us arrive on some of these subjects.

Featuring: Kayin, Ben, Patito, Crouton
Also Featuring: Eric, Niko, Jessica

Too Much Talking #2 “Spike Dies” 11/06/10

If you have any questions, please just leave a comment and we’ll be glad to answer it on the next episode!

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I didn’t get to Vote (but I don’t feel bad)

So I have a habit of living under a rock, forgot to register to vote (I’m used to doing that at college, which I am no longer attending), and moving in between last election and this one kinda left me forgetting where to even go. So I said screw it, I’m not even knowledgeable about local issues and there are no proposals in my local district. Also I live in the super democratic NY, so my vote is next to meaningless to begin with, even in presidental elections (not that I don’t usually lean democrat anyways, especially on local issues). Still, that usually doesn’t stop me from voting, but this year I did not. But I don’t feel bad. Well, I kinda do, but for a different reason.

I am disappointed that, as an intelligent and capable individual, I did not form opinions on anything.

If I could vote this year, voting would be IRRESPONSIBLE as I am not informed. I could vote down party lines but I’m both a moderate AND that is bad policy. I usuaully like to pick a republican or two to vote for (usually the most moderate and intelligent) even though they don’t have a chance to win. It snuck up on me and I could only use a quick primer to make decisions. The best thing, I feel, for me to do in this case, is not vote. The better solution would be to have not got in this situation to begin with, but whatever. This goes into something I feel is a huge fallacy when it comes to America’s democratic pride. MORE VOTING IS NOT BETTER. I have disagreed with this for years. I DO NOT want more people to vote, I want LESS people to vote. Generally both the most informed and/or passionate people are going to vote anyways. Dragging people in to vote generally just leads to more people making UNINFORMED VOTES. If you don’t know whats going on in government, I say stay home! I’d never deny you the right to vote, but if you don’t want to exercise it, ESPECIALLY because you don’t think you have an opinion (or more so, even a very good opinion!), I’m going to be the last person to hassle you about voting. You know how in American Idol the most successful, best musician never wins? Thats voting. If you had a bunch of musical experts, you might predict things a little better, but en-mass it’s a popularity contest. Voting blindly does not make you a better American in my eyes. If anything IT DEVALUES THE WORTH OF EVERYONE ELSES VOTE. Again everyone has the right to vote, so I wouldn’t be angry at someone who chose to do so despite being clueless, but if I had to argue for or against voting, it would be against. In my estimation, me voting would go just dilute the worth of other votes without me truly even expressing my opinions on issues.

So yeah, don’t feel bad about not voting because everyone says you should… though maybe next time educate your self a little more. Thats where I felt I messed up, if anything. The whole idea that everyone should vote to me seems like a fallacy. In a perfect world, everyone would vote with well formed opinions, but we do not live in that perfect world. In fact, politicians and smear campaigns make it even harder to try and figure out whats up. If you feel you don’t have a worthwhile opinion, by all means, stay home.