Worst Podcast Ever – Episode 07 – Worst. Games. Ever.

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Episode 07 – Worst. Games. Ever
~ “You play pokemon in the same way men masturbate..” ~

Length: 42:22 Minutes Size: 19.4MB
Hosts: MadMaxJr & McDohl
Special Guests: Arc, Kayin, & Lady Duke

Spanning the ages, we cover the greatest achievements in interactive holocausts, complete with a bonus round on demonic controllers.

Been awhile! Hope you all enjoy. I’m not in the one after this one, so no podcasts for Kayin till next month!

R.I.P Ozzy

:thumb118141481: Our dog Ozzy died to the other day by escaping into a neighbors yard where he was killed by another dog. Ozzy was loved by basically everyone and he loved them in kind. We don’t know the exact details of what happened as we were out for the day and thought he had merely ran away. Our neighbors informed us this morning. They had already taken to burying him. We’re pretty sure he accidental strangled himself while trying to get under a chainlink fence.

I loved our dog and he will be missed. I think I’m okay now and have accepted it, but it’s going to be impossible to ever forget him.

He is in the heavens now with god, Barong, fighting against evil.

Illustrator School Work

Just finished a class project today for Digital Media. Besides a logo for my self, it’s the first thing I’ve done. I find it rather artistically pleasing, though the brush stroke faerie figure could have certainly been better. The project simply involved having to make a poster relating to Absinthe.

It is likely that my professor is an alcoholic.