Art: Cassara Playing Guitar

Motherfucker. Not only was this a pain in the ass for something thats only kinda alright, I also found out that the plugin I used to post DA pictures to my wordpress blog broke. I was supposed to go to sleep an hour ago, but I HAD to fix it. I ended up finding a recent patch submission for deviantart oembed support that got denied (since apparently wordpress thinks it’d be better to keep the list exclusive for some reason)… so I hacked it in. Then I modified it to properly link back to the deviantart page. This would be easybreezy for a real programmer, but it leaves me feeling like a digital badass. Sadly the Art page isn’t in proper chronological order (well, it is, but vertically instead of horizontally) since I’m using columns to ‘table’ the thumbnails for now. I’ll come up with something better eventually. Anyways, heres the DA text…

Well this took far too long and the results aren’t really great. regardless I’m sorta pleased with it. It didn’t come together well as a piece, but it’s a pretty alright illustration and color job I suppose. Still, I generally like my pictures to have better composition. I probably should have just cut the amp but I couldn’t make my self do it because a lot of the reason I did the picture was to try and draw the hardware. In that respect, I am quite happy. Her guitar had a really really bad shape to foreshorten, which was a real challenge. I tried to get the hardware on the guitar correct. Anyways, heres the equipment…

Trans-Black Jackson Kelly KE3
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier

Next time I’ll try and do something challenging AND composed. Maybe. Kinda. I hope.

And heres some links to the actual equipment…


Art: Sylvarda Liliandra

More art, more big blockquotes from DA. Her description/history is a bit shakey but I feel like I’d be okay if I roleplayed her. Not that I do any RP stuff lately. Anyways.

Some more space stuff. I figured Rory (Miss No Legs) needed a captain so she could have a ship to work out. So I made Varda(One Eye ). I will resist the urge to further populate the ship with scared females and just leave it at these too. Anyways this is sort of a “Proto Character”. I usually flesh out character personalities by using them for something, so the below exists mostly as a base idea that’ll probably be modified. I have a wiki page with stuff on this space nonsense if anyone cares. It’s right over here.

Sylvarda Liliandra (simply known as Varda to most) is an earth born elf who’s wanderlust lead her to the stars. Being magically inclined, she enrolled at a relatively long age to become an astral navagator — mages who pull starships into (and navigate) astral space to achieve FTL travel. Varda also took her time at the academy to become an exceptionally skilled duelist with magically infused rapiers, designed to be used as spell focuses. Despite being a highly talented and motivated student with a promising future as a top class navigator, she abruptly vanished for unknown reasons and generally refuses to talk about them.

Varda exists as a rogue and a smuggler, captaining a light transport. Her and her crew get by performing morally ambigious jobs in the galaxy’s shader locations to make ends meet. She fiercely avoids work that to heavily entangles or harms folks who are just trying to get by, but is not above stealing from cooperations, criminal organizations, or simply those she views as rich enough to afford it. Desptie her concern for the lives of the innocent, her reputation is that of a cold and dangerous woman.

Varda is an arrogant, sultry woman, often to her own (often comedic) down fall. She has a habit of throwing tantrums when frustrated and isn’t always very good with people. In fact, her cold reputation isn’t even entirely deserved, as it is somewhat of an “act” to make up for her lack of negotation skills (which would be handled by someone else whom I’ll probably draw at some point). Despite such flaws, she is an exceedingly clever player and schemer, and, assuming she’s working with people who actually listen to her, exceptionally well at getting things done. She is fiercely protective of her crew and, when able to relax, has a soft, caring core.

Under her eyepatch (another event she seldom will talk about) exists an artifact called the Karisarma, which, from elvish, loosely translates itno “The Demon Engine”. This engraved glass eye, when exposed, can see into and eve partially exist in astral space. This gives incredibly fast reflexes and a massive amount of energy for her body to metabolize, giving her an incredibly boost in speed and agility. As it is used, the demon engine pulls her in deeper, making her even faster and stronger, but slowly overloads her body with magical energy. When turned off quickly, the effects are small — muscle aches and such — but when used for an extended session, the pain endured upon deactivating can be crippling, as if ones body was on fire. Extended use requires long recoveries and a sufficantly long use could outright kill her. It is not uncommon for her to use it in combat in short bursts, but extended usage exists only for dire emergencies. The full image of whats imprinted on the eye can be seen here. The patch it’s self actually has a pinhole camera in it that can feed images to the enchanted eye without using it’s power. While not as good as a real eye, Varda enjoys uses her opponents expectation over her limited field of view to her advantage.

That’s all I got. If I ever get a chance to roleplay any of these new characters, I’ll probably have a chance to actually refine their personalities and histories, but as is these just serve as basic starting notes. Whatever I finally end up with could be quite different.

Art: Naomi Vos Cruz – A Barren Path

Despite my best efforts, I can only draw women! Anyways if anyone is waiting for Brave Earth’s release (Sometime before the universe suffers from heat death), the below has some spoilers — but really who cares? So as usual, DA post biography.

So here we got Naomi Vos Cruz, walking toward a undescript, old fortress. Naomi is a young Astorian Paladin, belonging to the Sacred Order of Saint Alistair — an order of mostly females. Naomi is friendly and outgoing, through tends to have a temper when pressed. Over time, the typical naivity associated with Paladins faded away, leaving a somewhat jaded young woman who could better percieve the shades of gray between good in Evil. When confronted by actual evil, Naomi acts with brutal decisiveness and is not against fighting dirty if necessary for the greater good.

Naomi’s combat skills are highly regarded. While not as high as many other in the order by status, she is one of the most respected by merit. She is agile and atheletic, while possesing the strength to wield a bastard sword one handed with a shield. Her magical skills are highly focused on combat — healing and other clerical skills are highly lacking. Instead, Naomi can wield holy energy as an offensive, explosive force. She can also use that energy to further increase her speed and strength. She is also particularly skilled in magically destroying the undead. Despite all this, Naomi started out as an unremarkable warrior, who entered the order through birth and, in dangerous situations, was often seen as a burden to her brother who did all her could to protect her. This likely acted as the motivation for her rapid improvement.

Naomi is socialable and charasmatic. She tends to be a community figure where she is positioned (like many of the female Alistarian Paladins), though due to her combat skills she is not often positioned in places where this is necessary. She enjoys make-up and prefers to look well made and groomed in public, doing so even it is not necessary or even appropriate. Naomi will socially drink (through with very strict moderation) and socialize with townfolks at the local taverns. She also has an intense love of fruit, which she seems to eat constantly in public. Despite her outgoing characteristics, she is quite private. She keeps most of her feelings to her self and usually vents through writing and reading poetry. She doesn’t show it to anyone though — it’s probably pretty bad.

She is noted for her intense and bitter rivalry with Cassara, who killed her older brother and fellow Paladin. Naomi remains in constant inner conflict over her brother, whom Cassara casts casts aspersons of guilty upon for various crimes. The mixture of Naomi’s loyalty to her brother and Cassara’s antagonistic personality has led to Naomi’s absolute hatred for her, despite them often working toward the same goals. Cassara on the other hand, despite Naomi’s growing skill, merely precieves her as a naive brat anda nuisance.

Despite being a Paladin, Naomi’s faith is also not quite in tact. While the existance of higher powers are obvious in a world of spirts and magic, the teachings and scriptures of her church do not seem to line up with reality in her mind. Combined with the panthiestic nature of the priest, Father Maynard (Slash), has led to her merely possessing a deistic view. Despite this she still is able to weild her holy powers, which furthers her shakey faith. Naomi remains in the church more due to it’s ability to allow her to help the most people, rather than for it’s exact tenets. She also is highly distrusting of the upper clergy. She her self is also suspected by the church, and she suspects that her usefulness as a warrior is the only reason she is kept around.

Art: Grand Trigger

First attempt at pure digital painting! Woo!
It’s come a long way as you can see

I guess I’ll expound on Cassara and the Ignition Trigger a bit more. Additional information is with the original Ignition Trgger picture.

The Ignition Trigger is caused by the attraction of spirits to Cassara’s emotional state. Cassara creates something similar to a gravitational pull in astral space, attracting fire spirits. The effect is the same as the gravitational experiment with a sheet and balls. The big ball creates an impression and attracts smaller objects. As Cassara’s rage builds, eventually this energy gathers and creates even more force, until such a point that it creates a riff between the astral plane and physical space, similar to how a black hole. The fire enters the ‘real’ world and clings to Cassara and attacks her enemies based on her emotinal reactions to them.

The Grand Trigger is a level above that, where the spiritual boundry between physical space and astral space is suddenly shattered. While the magical fire still tends to Cassara’s whims, it ingulfs and destroys whats around her, besides what her will might explicitly spare. In the state Cassara usually is in to trigger a Grand Trigger, she usually isn’t looking to spare much! The release is like the bursting of a dam, with the initial release going off like a bomb.

Anyways on a technical level, this was done as Sai with no lineart as backing. This is basically my first attempt at pure digital painting. It was pretty fine to refine a blob of some base colors into this. I’m pretty happy how it came out and it took me less time than most of my more traditional illustrations.

Art: Reese: Veteran Sharpshooter

Again, DA blurb

I already gave Reese a rundown on the Hot for Teacher picture, but I’ll try and continue with some history with her.

So (as a brief catchup) Reese is a sharpshooter who was a cross dressing soldier in both World Wars do to divinely obtained immortality. She eventually ended up with the British S.I.S sometime sortly after the invasion of Normandy. By the end of the War, she finds (and initially shoots) Kayin, who is just as surprised as she is. Anyways, some random stuff.

Reese is Farsighted, though she possesses every acute vision at a distance, thus her glasses despite being a sniper. As an avid reader and for general convenience she wears thin, stlish glasses. Upon being gifted immortality, her ability to see far off objects has only grown, reacing a supernatural level. Reese has also developed an amazing intuition of ballistic weapons that allows her to accurately hit targets at extreme distances, though whether this is also a super natural occurance or simply a result of her massive accumulation of experience is unknown. Though most proficent in long distance shooting, Reese is skilled in combat with all classes of firearms. The gun pictured about is, a Luger P08 (properly called the “Pistole Parabellum 1908”), which Reese carries as her basic sidearm. It’s a pretty small gun, so it fits the roll, though it is a bit underpowered. I am tempted to have Reese possess one of the few .45 Lugers that were prototyped, but that seems a tad bit exotic and there would be better guns for situations where she would desire a larger cartridge.

Reese is an avid gun collector, owning an impressive amount of modern firearms, though they’d practically be considered antiques where she’s from. Since firearms have not progressed much further, they still consider to be very reliable weapons for her. A short list of her most used guns.

*Luger P08 (pictured)
*Mauser Karabiner 98k (Another sentimental weapon, though still extremely accurate and reliable)
*Dragunov SVD (More modern sniper rifle)
*Barrett XM500 (Anti Material Rifle)
*FN-Five-seveN (Yes it’s really capped like that. Low caliber, light weight, armor piercing self defense pistol)
*H&K .45 USP (Higher caliber, adaptable pistol)
*FN P90 (Because everyone has to use this god damned gun. Chambers the same rounds as the Five-seveN. SMG with a boxy bullpup design)
*H&K G36 (Highly customizabl, reliable assault rifle)
*MG3 (Modern version of the WWII German heavy machine gun)

Besides these and a few other weapons, Reese’s arsenal is for casual shooting and collecting (such as my personal favorite handgun, the Mauser c96)

Despite all her years as a soldier and further combat experience afterwards, Reese is a very relaxed individual. As mentioned in the last picture I did of Reese, her favorite hobby is Reesing and she enjoys boardgames. She is generally quiet and soft spoken, though she emits of an air of confidence. She is also extremely confident in her appearence and often gets flirtatious after a few drinks. Reese is generally the most prone to planning in her household, approaching situations in a more ponderous and methodical matter than Cassara and Kayin usually do. She almost never yells, though can still be angered. Reese’s anger is projected through stern, condescending speech. She is also has the capacity to deal with situations in a eerily cold and brutal fashion.

Reese’s favorite music tends to come from the 70s and 80s. After all the fighting she’d done, she was quick to dabble in the hippy movement. This was also about the same time she grew fond of dying her hair.

I think thats about all I can spit out about here I think.

I love typing up a frenzy for when I post a picture, though I doubt few people bother to read it. Probably doesn’t make much sense out of context. Also this picture was a remake of an older picture.

Old Reese

Comparing the two makes me feel good about how far I’ve come over the last few years.

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Art: Cyber Zettai-Ryouiki: Rory McLochlainn

Usual copypasta off my DA. I’m surprised I haven’t drawn anything weird like this sooner.

While joking about how I don’t have any ‘loli’ish characters or characters with terrible injuries, I had the idea for a girl that exhibited Zettai Ryouiki with…. artificial legs instead of stockings. I’m not sure how well I pulled that off, but over all I am very hapy with the picture in general. I ended up working out a character for her. She doesn’t fit into any contemporary time in the Brave Earth setting. Instead she exists in it’s hazy future. Recently I’ve been writing fluff on possible space travel and magic driven warping that would spread the setting out into the galaxy. She seemed the perfect fit there! So here’s a prototype history and bio for Rory McLochlainn, Starship engineer and amputee.

History: Born in an age of Galatic space travel, Rory was born on earth to a set of loving parents. They lived on an open ranch, which her father purchased upon retiring. Her father was a former spacestation engineer who spent his days of retirement tinkering away at a home-made spaceship. At a young age, Rory took interest in her father’s hobby and was often found trying to help him in his shop.

At the age of 10, Rory lost her father, as well as both her legs, when the ship suffered from a fuel explosion. Rory’s legs were severly burn and mangled, forcing both legs to be amputated above the knee. While initially devestated, Rory soon rebounded, studying science and engineering. At 12 she recieved neural implants at the base of her stumps, allowing automated prosthetics to be connected. Rory embraced her artifical limbs, leading her to tinker with them, upgrade them and eventually replace them with devices of her own design as she got older. Her thirst for both outerspace and self modification lead her to take many accelerated courses in physics and engineering while still in highschool. The thought of just going up into space was no longer enough for her — she began studying starships in the hopes of getting a job that would allow her to travel the stars.

Rory, while possessing no formal college education, is highly educated and studied in her chosen fields. She is naturally brilliant and possesses an intuitive understanding of machines and physics.

Personality: Is generally quiet but highly motivated. While not naturally outgoing, she can be very friendly and sociable when engaged in conversation. She tends to be a little sly and sarcastic, but rarely in a truly mean way. She is a bit of an eccentric and can be very silly in the right situations, sometimes lapsing into a very ‘hyper’ mood. Besides engineering and science, Rory enjoys the feeling of Zero-G, which she tends to enjoy without her artifical legs. She also enjoys music and exercise (which is partially required due to how much time she is willing to spend in Zero-G). As part of exercise and self defense, Rory practices taekwondo. While her form is lacking, her massive leg strength makes it a very dangerous defensive weapon.

Legs: Rory has titanium rods inserted deep within her femurs. The bolts are fused directly with the bone and the bone it’s self is reinforced to cope with the added stresses of large mechanical prosthetics. Nerves are bundled and passed through the center of the bolt and are connected to small CPUs for sending and recieving signals. These units are powered by any attacted artificial limbs, which also do the bulk of the actual processing.

Afer her first set of limbs, Rory has worked on constructing and modifying her own from spare parts. Rory’s primary set are designed for high performance and have strength that far surpasses normal human legs. This comes at the cost of weight, finesse and endurance. Rory’s thigh muscles must contribute to the movement of her heavier than average limbs, which adds to fatigue. Rory’s legs also recieve tactile information through Surface Acoustic Wave technology, giving her feeling throughout the entirety of her limbs. This is usually not favored by other users of high performance prothetics due to their nonstandard shape, which can lead to what many people consider ‘disturbing’ stimuli, such as physical contact deep within their precieved ‘phantom limbs’. Rory, due to her comfort with her artificial limbs, can not only tolerate these sensations, but finds them extremely natural. At this point she sees her artifical legs as more of a part of her then her former legs. Her legs are also all significantly taller then what her natural legs were estimated to be.

The legs batteries can sustain a 24 hour charge with modest use, but the batteries can be ran down in as little as an hour under the most intense abuse. Rory possesses other pairs of legs that, while lacking in the extreme strength of her primary pair, can go as long as a week without recharging. Almost as a point though, Rory avoid’s prosthetics that resemble real limbs, unless the situation calls for discretion

Art: Theatrical Brave Earth Cover!

Before I say anything, lemme preface this by saying that this doesn’t come with some great announcement about BE or anything. As I’ve said on the forums, it’s on hold (actual hold, not IWSTK ‘dead’ hold). More explained in the quoted DA entry.

Naomi, in all her…. transparent glory?

I did this as one of my final projects for my Digital Illustration class. Naomi’s silhouette was roughed out from a few pieces of reference art in photoshop before I livetraced it (a requirement for the project) in illustrator and tweaked it further. As such there is no underlying lineart under there. I’m tempted to try and fill it in to see if it makes any sense, as it could also be a pretty cool illustration in it’s own right I think.

Anyways the project was to make a bookcover. I think, sans my name, this looks more like a game cover, but it works either way.

As a note to anyone who follows my development info but doesn’t read the forms, I’m currently not working on Tower in the Sky. I’m waiting for some tools to mature before I go back to it. It’s still the top project in my head at all times, but the time to go full force with it isn’t know. So consider it delayed indefinitely, but with my full intention to get back to work on it as soon as the situation justifies it. That said, expect news about a new IWBTG project soon.

Art: Reese – Hot for Teacher

Just finished another picture! As usual, it includes the accompanying DA post. Had a lot of fun with the coloring. SAI is really much nicer than photoshop for working on this stuff.

Reese Nasaki (formally Reese Dresdner) is the wife of Kayin Nasaki and mother of Cassara Nasaki.

Reese is actually a German veteran World War I and II. During World War I she was gifted with eternal life when she was found fit to spawn a child with Kayin (who could not father children without godly intervention). Kayin, not knowing this fact, left, as he could not stand to be with another woman who would age to death on him.

By World War II, she became an extraordinarily skilled sniper. She eventually ended up switching sides, due to German atrocities, becoming a part of a special SIS unit, dedicated to eliminating SS officers. Near the end of the War, she comes across Kayin, who is stunned to see she is unchanged.

Her first response is to shoot him in the leg so he can’t run away.

From there, she got the live the quiet life, spending the next 60 years in relative piece with Kayin. Around the later years, she became fond of dying her hair (which is naturally brown). In 2000, she gave birth to Cassara.

Reese enjoys reading, particularly about history. She is fluent in a wide array of languages (which Kayin and her practice by playing foreign language scrabble). She is generally quiet and reserved, though she possesses an iron will. She is athletic, loves to be out doors (her favorite place to read), and often drinks over 10 cups of coffee a day.

While drawing this picture, I toyed with the idea of her becoming a highschool history teacher. I think this would be very fitting, but I’m not sure Kayin would like the hours involved! Perhaps a college level instructor would be more fitting!

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Art: Actual and Fictional Kayins!

So I got two bits to post right now. One is a ‘self portrait’ done when I got hit by a DeviantArt meme. Draw your self with whatever you’re wearing at the time. Boy they must be regretting that right about now! I find it to be…. disturbingly accurate.

So humorously I did this while working on a picture of Kayin, the character, which is posted below, along with the blurb I did for it on DA.


Well this took awhile, but I’m happy how it came out! Especially the background, which looked pretty bad when I first started on it! Kayin has been overdue for a new picture and this one I think does him a lot of justice.

Anyways, since I’m an RP fag, I wrote a blurb on the history that went into this picture.

Kayin is a very old character, both from when I designed him originally (14, though he is significantly different at this point) and canonically (born around 400 BCE). Can found himelf in Japan sometime in the early 1500s, also known as Japan’s Sengoku/Warring States period. The details are sketchy because I haven’t done the research necessary to codify the details on his time in Japan yet. What I am fairly sure of is that he finds himself in the service of some near by lord and, once proving himself capable with his ‘barbarian weapon’ (a bastard sword), is able to recieve training in the katana.

Despite being modernly known as a graceful, elegent fighter, that was not always the case. Compared to the average man of the day, Kayin possessed extraordinary strength compared to men of a world that was no longer magically awakened. Kayin’s power-based style at the time was too abusive toward the japanese blades, and he found himself slow to adjust.

Eventually Kayin would recieve a low ranking samurai position (social mobility into the samurai class was high up until the Tokugawa period) which he would maintain for some time, before becoming a drifter again. During this time, Kayin also found one of his several historic wives. Around the start of the Meiji Period, Kayin decided to further explore the world, ending up in the Americas.

Due to his relative strength, Kayin could wield two large swords effectively and would do so until the end of the modern era. Once past the modern era, the relative strength of combatants has become much higher and against more powerful foes, his strength becomes comparatively feeble.

Kayin has used many swords (and practically collects them at this point), but the two swords featured are particularly noteworthy…

Claíomh Solais: Whether this is actually the sword of Nuada Airgeadlámh is questionable, but the blade recieved it’s title due to it’s near indestructibility, extreme sharpness and it’s occasionally emittence of glowing light. Kayin would eventually learn to channel the swords power into destructive projectiles. The sword was lost at the end of the modern era and ended up in the possession of the Cruz family, and eventually became the weapon of Naomi Vos Cruz, who mastered this technique far beyond what Kayin could manage. The blade has outlasted it’s furnishings many times over, so Kayin preferred to use simple, practical and replacable parts for the hilt and handle.

Koutetsu-Kaze: Literally translates to “Steel Wind”. It is a katana of the Dotanuki school. These blades were more robust and slightly larger and heavier than a normal katana. Kayin found this blade to be the best match for his style, as it could endure his harsh techniques. Over time in Kayin’s possession, the blade began awakening magically, becoming practically indestructable and feeling usually light. The Koutetsu-Kaze is Kayin’s primary weapon, second only to the Claiomh Solais while it is in his possession. One issue with the origin of this weapon is, from what I understand, such blades did not exist in the Sengoku period, so it may just be a predecessor, rather than a proper Dotanuki.

This is also the primary weapon of Ogami Itto, from Lone Wolf and Cub!

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Open Canvas Fun! Drawing with Sanoshi!

My friend and I messed around with opencanvas a bit yesterday. Sanoshi bugged me to do it when she heard about how slow I draw, so we had some fun and tried to get me to learn to sketch a bit better! So heres a page we did…


Makoto(with the straight bangs) and Naomi(with the purple hair) are mine. It was a lot of fun and Sano had fun drawing around whatever I was trying to do. Most of my art is a result of patience and slow tweaking, so my little sketches suffer a good deal, quality wise. Despite that I’ll probably do it again sometime!

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