Art: Zero Gravity: Rory McLochlainn

Well this was a fun little challenge. I’ve been tinkering with this for about two weeks (though I only really sunk a lot of time into it over the last week). I watched all of Super Dimensional Fortress Macross while drawing it (which hasn’t aged well!). Anyways, heres the post from DA. Not a lot of fluff for this one.

Another Picture of Rory McLochlainn, the legless starship mechanic.

So anyways, when I was coming up with theoretical spaceships for the future of the Brave Earth setting as a thought experiment, I settled on the fact that ships would use rotational gravity (as seen in 2001). If they used rotational gravity, parts of the ship would exist at zero G, one of those parts being much of the engine room and such. I thought up a picture a few months ago of Rory drifting with her legs disconnected, working on something and I actually got to drawing it. I’m very happy with the background. It’s not perfect (it’s a bit muddy, for sure), but it has a lot of cool things going on. I’m feeling much more comfortable at tackling backgrounds these days.

Her legs were supposed to be in the background but I decided their was no room, compositionally for them, especially when I didn’t want the room she was floating in to look huge. This was also one of my first experimentations with perspective. While the picture is far from perfect, I feel very happy that I was able to tackle something that seemed so far out of my skill level and do a a ‘decent’ job at it.

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