Projects made by me!

Dark Souls Map Explorer A unity application that allows you to explore Dark Souls' Map. Built upon Vlad001's data rips, it's a pretty neat way to explore a greyscale Lordran!

Single Button Mash and Super Button Mash Tournament Edition SBM was a parody game made due to an off handed comment made on a forum that a game of mashing a button would be a pretty fun 'contest'. You'd have to be there to understand. Either was, a silly little game made in Construct where two people mash a button as fast as they can. SBMTE features the same gameplay, but with limited interaction and randomly switching keys. Do NOT play on a laptop! You might break something! D: Both versions were made as a gamejam game.

JOHN CENA: Zombie Burier Another silly gamejam game. 2 hours of work put into Attitude Adjusting fun.

Durp Kick Another parody game. Was meant as a silly joke amongst a few people, but sorta blew up into a lot of negative attention for the Divekick team. Still, now that everything has blown over, I'd prefer to archive it here.

Hosted for Others

Dark Souls Map Viewer The original DS map viewer. Made by Vlad001, it is a wonderfully lightweight program for checking out the world of Dark Souls

Super Talking Time Bros An amazing SMB fan game made by the Talking Time community. I contributed two bonus levels, but this is vastly more the work of other people and a real example of what a good critical process can do for level design. None of the people who made levels for this game were game designers... but by being critical and analytically of all levels submitted, they all became designers. Beats the pants off of any bad romhack you've played!