This game is very hard. You could find that getting past the very first few screens is taking you the better part of an hour, or more. Do not be deterred. It’s supposed to be unfair. Realize this before all else; any and all situations can kill without warning. Take nothing for granted. If it appears safe; you can be nearly certain that it is a trap. Understand that you can only get hit once before you die in a particularly gruesome manner. Be careful!

If you find yourself becoming sloppy calm down, take a deep breathe, and either continue on or stop playing for awhile. You may just be worn out. Often times you’ll find nearly impossible situations are a lot easier when you’ve had a night’s sleep.

In the end, you can at least take heart that save points can be frequently encountered. It is just about the only solace you shall have on your quest to become The Guy.

Controlling “The Kid”
The Kid is that small, happy looking sprite with the red cape. The first thing you might notice is that he is small. Like, very small. Keeping track of him may be tricky at first, but you’ll get used to it. Try to familiarize yourself with how The Kid moves about.

Use the L-Shift key to jump. You’re jumping is very controllable. Hold down the jump button to get added height and distance. Also note that at any point of the jump (or even during a fall!) you may hit the jump button again to perform a double jump. Get used to how far you can jump and learn to control yourself in the air. You’ll need those skills to get anywhere in this game.

Push the Z button to shoot. You can fire fairly rapidly if you have a fast pointer finger. You shouldn’t have to concern yourself with it but note that you can only have four shots in the air at a time.

Additional Notes:
Q: Suicide
R: Restart

Shoot save points multiple times as they're a bit glitchy sometimes.
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