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Author Topic: [RC2] Breakout wall glitch, lower path bullet max  (Read 3328 times)


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[RC2] Breakout wall glitch, lower path bullet max
« on: January 22, 2008, 01:01:11 am »

AngelofApathy found a glitch where you can walk through the wall in the break out room. It involves waiting for a bottom block to be destroyed, and then you simply walk into it and come out to the Vic Viper room. I played around with this a little, and after beating the Vic Viper room, I managed to walk through the ceiling of the Haggar room. Heh, I even walked through the front door, only to be disappointed with a somewhat empty room.

Also, I seem to be limited to 3 bullets max when taking the lower path. When trying to increase my bullet count in the Copter room, it reverts back to 3 bullets after I stop shooting for a while. If I don't stop firing, I will keep my increased bullet count, just long enough for a faster kill against the last 2 parts of the Copter boss.