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Author Topic: Forum Rules  (Read 5478 times)


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Forum Rules
« on: June 01, 2011, 07:01:38 pm »

A. The Rules
  • 1. By registering and posting here, you agree to the rules.
  • 2. Posts and threads that do not follow the rules will be edited or deleted to comply.
  • 3. If you disagree with a moderation decision, you may discuss it in a private message with the moderator.
B. Posting
  • 4. No spam.*
  • 5. Do not spam the emoticons, avatars, or other images. This is especially pertinent to the special IWBTF emoticons. They can also cause lag on slower connections.
  • 6. No obnoxiously large text or signatures. Keep signature images to a reasonable size. Horizontal is better than vertical.
  • 7. No NSFW avatars or signatures. NSFW material should be posted sparingly and under spoiler tags.
  • 8. No overly disruptive behavior. This include flaming, trolling, harassment, and personal insults.
  • 9. Stay on topic. If a conversation strays, start a new thread. A moderator will move the off topic posts to the new thread.*
  • 10. No double posting or triple posting. If the last reply was by you and significant time has passed, such that an edit would likely not be noticed, you may make a second post so people notice. This should be only be done as needed and sparingly.
  • 11. No quote pyramids.*
  • 12. No linking to goatse, meatspin, or other shock sites. It is an instant week ban for infraction, or more if other warnings are present or it is a repeat infraction.
  • 13. No mass bumping. Bumping an occasional thread is fine as long as you have significant reason to continue discussion there and something to add. Some topics would be better off starting a new thread.
  • 14. If your post/thread breaks the rules and is removed, do not repost it.
  • 15. Posts must contribute toward the topic. Posts only saying things such as "lol" or emoticons will be removed.*
  • 16. Do not be rude to the new people. Link them to the rules or the appropriate thread(s) if needed.
  • 17. Some of these rules are relaxed in the General Games board, as needed, and in the Crap board. Use your common sense and don't clog up the forums or annoy people. Rules that are relaxed are marked with a *
  • 18. Breaking someone's real-life privacy without their direct consent will not be allowed. This includes but is not limited to screwing with someone's facebook, posting pictures of them (or pictures of their relations, friends, etc.), and posting their real name or address without their consent.
  • 19. Posts consisting entirely of blue/tiny/or unreadable text will not be allowed in regular use
III. Moderation
  • 20. Serious infractions will result in a warning being given to your account.
  • 21. Accumulate three warnings and you will be banned for a week.
  • 22. Accumulate six warnings and you are banned for a month.
  • 23. Accumulate nine warnings and you are permanently banned.
  • 24. Ban appeals can be emailed to IWBTFBanAppeal@gmail.com
  • 25. Moderators may occasionally remove some warnings, but this will only be done rarely and after evidence of changed posting habits.

Warnings are listed here.

A more descriptive list of some annoying behaviors you should given here.

If you have something to say about the rules, please post here.

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