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I wasted the last hour trying to get Google Reader to stop showing me objects shared by my contacts. Since I started using it, I kept wondering why I was seeing stuff related cameras and photography that I was definitely was not subscribed too. Turns out it’s was the ‘shared by’ feature that allows friends to share crap with me and anyone else on their google contact list.

So turns out all this was coming from one of my Ex Girlfriends who I haven’t spoken to in years. I hardly doubt I was singled out for this treatment, as, when you decide to share, you by default share with your entire contact list, which includes everyone you ever sent an email to with a g-mail account. This might seem like a fun feature, and in some cases I’m sure it is, but lets be real. Unless you assume everyone who uses RSS feeds is getting feeds for the same industry/tech/socialnetwirking/twitscape type bullshit, you’re going to have your RSS feed box spammed by shit you couldn’t care less about. This wouldn’t be a big deal really (a rarely useful feature is rarely worse than not having the feature at all), besides for the fact that there is no way to opt out. With some searching I found the easiest answer. Remove these people from your contacts list.

Wow. Great solution.

Especially since some people care enough about that sort of stuff to find it insulting for some reason. By my own luck I found a way to disable individuals from showing me their content. Well, to hide there content. Now I have to do this for each and every offender who accidently spams on RSS box.

No, Google. I don’t care. Stop trying to drag me into social networking. I don’t give a damn what my friends are reading about. I have my own feeds(Fighting game stuff, a few podcasts) and my own bars (Digg, Slashdot) for my own, personally chosen and tweaked content delivery service. Everyone is worried about Google becoming some crazy monopoly — I’m afraid of it becoming another Facebook and signing me into the service through no will of my own. I hate this almost Apple-esque attitude of “we know what you want more than you do”. I know what content I want and I don’t give a shit what my friends are subscribed to. Maybe, just MAYBE, ONE DAY I will care what ONE of my friends share and would like to subscribe to HIS feed lists, shares and suggestions, but, so far, no one who uses Google Reader on my content list POSTS ANY CONTENT THAT I WOULD EVER CARE ABOUT. They post content THEY CARE ABOUT because it’s THEIR FEEDS.

I would totally ditch Google Reader if I didn’t want something that integrated nicely with iGoogle. I love google and their business model, but the more social networking crap they force on me, the less tolerant I get.