Dead Dogs and Schoolwork

So lets start with the sad news. We put our dog, Pokey down yesterday. She was a corgi/border collie mix who was “hella smart”. Everyone loved this dog, though she wasn’t particularly playful or anything like that. She was just a good dog, plain and simple. So we put her down at 14. She was suffering from lymphomia and liver failure. It was a pretty sad thing to watch the life slowly fade out of her, but I was glad I was there for it. It’s also just about a year since Ozzy died, who was the other bestest dog ever.

This leaves us now with Sophie, the unbestest dog, and Ziggy, who is adorable and useless. Perhaps together they will form a semi-functional creature. We will love them regardless.

On a cooler note, I got some stuff floating around from school. My Pre-Press class had my group make an ad campaign for a videogame. Oddly we weren’t assigned a game, but whatever. Eventually my group decided on I Wanna Be the Guy. The project involved two print ads, a game case and a storyboard for a potential 15 second commercial. The billed game title was “I Wanna Be The Guy: DS!”.. Of course there won’t ever be an IWBTG for the DS, but it made a cute theoretical. So don’t get excited.
Apple Ad

The first Ad was my favorite. The photo was taken by Jodi Contini, one of my two group members. She does pretty cool photography stuff. The concept for the ad was pretty simple. I actually put it together and finished it up. I also added the blood splatter. The ad was theoretically going to run in Nintendo Power (this is part of the project). I was shocked to see how cheap it is to run adds in NP! Just a few thousand, which is peanuts for advertising.

This isn’t the finished project, but I never had it in my hands at all. My other team member, Melissa Dooly worked this out in Illustrator. I thought it was pretty cool! Her sketches were part of the reason we went with IWBTG. The finish was just a little bit more shaded and add copy added to it so it could be a functional ad.

The game case is pretty simple. This was all me. It was fun to comb my mail for funny quotes. The front cover looks a bit cheesy but I think thats sort of appropriate? The back text could have been punchier too, but I decided to go with the websites traditional intro.

Melissa and I thought out the storyboard. I ended up making it with my shitty illustration skills, because Melissa was too busy finishing up her ad. I did have some initial sketches she did that I based it on. The storyboard speaks for it’s self, really.

I also made this Brave Earth profile minibook for another class. It’s a little bit goofier and based off of profiles from my wiki, so none of it is new information. I know a few of you guys have snooped through there, so nothing should be too surprising. Technically theres a few spoilers, so I’d take a pass if you still wanna be surprised when the game comes out, 50 years from now. :P

Also working on a bunch of little projects. Almost all of them have some sort of holdup. Eventually one of them will finish and I’ll have something to release, hopefully by the end of the summer if not sooner.