Brave Earth: Prologue Q&A

Just opening a chance for a Q&A for the game. Things are slow and no release date is in sight and people ask me for info on the game so just like, you know… ask away and in a week or so I’ll go write some answers. It’s hard for me to know what people wanna know about and I don’t just wanna give the whole game away right away!

Just don’t bother asking about a release because I doooon’t knoooow.

13 thoughts on “Brave Earth: Prologue Q&A

  1. When’s Marvel?

    Just kidding.
    How many areas / weapons will be usable in the game?
    Can you upgrade and downgrade said weapons?
    How many characters will you get to play as?

  2. I dunno if this has been covered elsewhere, but since you’re best known for IWBTG, I’m curious what the difficulty level will be.

  3. I know I’ve asked you this before, but I liked your answer so much that I want to share it with everyone! (Also, I forgot your answer)

    Will religion be “the real deal” in the Brave Earth series, like it is in most fantasy games?

  4. Do you think the self imposed limitations of having it be as close to an NES game as possible limit your creativity, or make you find more creative ways to do things?

  5. It seems like one of the tenets of the game design here is to make it possible for people to go through the entire game without taking damage, and for people to be able to speedrun the game.

    So with that in mind, are you going to include your best times in the readme? Just for comparison’s sake, of course.

  6. Will you intentionally leave in a glitch, and try to make the player play around it? (think, shield dash SOTN)

  7. Is this really a game or is it just an interactive system?

    More seriously, can I ask nerdy programming questions or were you hoping for specifically game play related stuff?

  8. Hahah, I’d go for interactive system. I don’t know how interesting an answer I can give you to programming stuff — I’m kinda a scrub programmer using a program to made a game that barely requires text input (though to be fair to my self, I often wish I COULD just type shit). But no harm in trying, eh?

  9. Well I’m mostly curious about what type of system of hitboxes have you built and how do you manage them since you have a pretty interesting set of moves. Are you using rectangular collisions boxes? Are the timing of the hitboxes run off animation frames or are they timed (ie how do you sync that all up and ensure the moves come out the same each time)?

  10. Oh sure, I can totally answer that in the Q$A. It’s not super interesting, but should hopefully be… interesting enough.

  11. Too late for questions? Whatever, I’ll ask anyway:
    – What is the focus of your game? Please try answering this question before you read on, I don’t intend to put any words into your mouth.

    I’ve seen a lot of platformers lately. Often they revolve around a single gimmick (for better or for worse). But ignoring the gimmick, the platforming itself is often a bit sketchy and unappealing to play by itself – only the gimmick tries to make the game worthwhile and stand out from the others.
    For me personally, I prefer platformers the other way around – the platforming itself should be appealing and make the player want to play the game, just because the controls are THAT good. Super Meat Boy did an excellent job at this. Even IWBTG has (in my opinion) excellent controls – precise and on point with no unnecessary distortion.
    If you add a ‘generic’ gimmick on top of that (Say, charge shots and a grappling hook), that’s absolutely fine if it only adds to the gameplay. If a not-so-generic gimmick interferes with the already solid mechanics: For me to accept this as a valuable addition to the game, It has to be incredibly well thought-out, well implemented and interesting enough (=worthwhile). Even a not-so-good generic gimmick can already be harmful for the game if it’s poorly implemented. I’ll probably earn some hate for this, but for example in “They Bleed Pixels” the combat mechanics are nowhere near as good as they should be in contrast to the platforming.

    In short, for me a good platformer stands and falls with its controls. How elaborate are BEs controls?

  12. I vaguely recall mention of the different characters having different paths through the game. Is the idea that everyone just gets a full on unique game (with heavy resource recycling)? Is it going to be a multiple paths through each level accessed by unique abilities (a la MM6’s jetpack access ladders)? A weird hybrid sort of deal, where people make their way through the same levels, but there’s different enemy placement, and/or the occasional alternate/extra level crammed in for certain characters?

    Also, same question for bosses. If it’s pretty much just, “this is level 8, this is the boss of level 8” people are always cool with it, but for some reason, “this is level 8a, it’s different from level 8b but has a the same boss at the end” that’s somehow psychologically dissatisfying (while changing ONLY bosses, that flies just fine, it’s weird).

    Going all 8-bit retro often pushes people into tossing in limited lives (sometimes even with limited continues). What’s your stance with this on kicking people back to the start of the level/start of the game as punishment for dying too much?

    Kinda related- Difficulty settings. I seem to recall you planning to include them, but how much thought are you putting into them? Just tweaking damage/HP? Altering enemy placement? Changing up attack patterns? Going all Mega Man 10 and including those shame inducing big obvious bumpers in platforming bits? Maybe without being so passive-aggressive about it visually (i.e. just make the pit smaller, don’t throw in big obvious safety bumper sprite)?

    Mind tossing out an animated gif of that skeletal dragon meandering about? That thing warms my cold black sprite loving heart so damn much.

  13. Is there any truth to the rumor that all of the storytelling will be done through emoji, and gifs of corgis?

    I guess if I’m posting, I should probably ask a serious question. Are you planning any optional side content like the secret items in iwbtg?

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