Too Much Talking Episode 21: The “Heavy Flow” Episode

Featuring: Kayin, April, Patito, Eric, Ben(briefly)

Too Much Talking #21 “Heavy Flow” 03/22/11

Good show this week! Replayability takes up a good chunk of the time, as well as the concept of “hobby games” and multiplaye games. We also talk about Facade and Marvel vs Capcom 3 a bit before talking about Flow and how the younger generation is getting into older games via emulation.

I also propose a biweekly cast, though supplemental episodes would still pop up in between at our whim. As of right now there won’t be a show recorded next monday, but if you guys really want it, we’ll make it happen. We’ll still be hanging out, but we figure having the extra time will help recharge our batteries and make for livelier shows.

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5 thoughts on “Too Much Talking Episode 21: The “Heavy Flow” Episode

  1. I’d prefer if you guys kept doing in once a week, but I wouldn’t punch a hole in my wall and cry myself to sleep if you changed it to bi-weekly.

  2. If it would make the shows significantly better, then it would be worth it to go biweekly. If the difference in quality is not noticeable, then it wouldn’t be worth it (for the audience). Have you guys considered having some chat program going during the recording (or at all on this site) to get more audience participation?

  3. Not sure if we have enough listeners to pull that off. We’ll decide whether or not we want to cast tomorrow and if we do, I’ll make a tweet that we’re about to record soon to try and get some questions in. We’ll see how that goes.

  4. I would also prefer if the show continued weekly, rather than bi-weekly, but the needs of you guys as people, is greater than our need for entertainment. So if it really is a pain to do them every week, then go ahead and do it every other week.

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