Too Much Talking Episode 19: The “Horrible Humstar” Episode

Featuring: Kayin, April, Patito, Eric, Ben

Too Much Talking #19 “Horrible Humstar” Episode 03/08/11

Tragedy. We lose a portion of the episode due to a recording failure. Next week or the week after might be a PnP episode to make up for that. But still, we talk about a lot of Setting Related stuff, the comic book character, The Sentry and the absurdity of pokemon.

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6 thoughts on “Too Much Talking Episode 19: The “Horrible Humstar” Episode

  1. I’m just commenting to say that The Sentry SUUUUUUUUUUCKS.

    The thing about the sentry that makes me laugh is how he is the most ineffective super hero of the last ten years. This has to do with how they decided to go about giving him a flaw.

    Now with overpowered characters it is a very smart idea to give them a flaw so they’re at least somewhat interesting. Superman’s flaw is kryptonite (and magic, but people tend to forget that), The Spectre’s flaw is the morality of his actions, Deadpools flaw is that he’s incompetent and insane, etc.

    So much like Deadpool, they decided to make The Sentry’s flaw be his insanity. However unlike Deadpool, The Sentry’s insanity wasn’t played up for laughs. This backfired big time.

    Here’s how The Sentry’s insanity worked: whenever the sentry would fight somebody his EVIL SHADOW version of himself would appear, causing him to run away. This scenerio would happen in about 70% of the comics he was in. Thus making him the biggest pussy in comic book history.

    By the end of his appearances (they just killed him off recently, thank god), Howard the Duck was a bigger threat than The Sentry.

    Sorry I just go on that tangent whenever somebody brings up The Sentry. Keep up the good work!

  2. What do you think about Nifflas’ games, both setting-wise and gameplay-wise. The appeal of most of his games are the ambient settings, I mean, if you play Knytt because of how deep the gameplay mechanics are, you’re functionally retarded.

    I’d like you guys to talk mostly about the Knytt games, Within a Deep Forest and Saira because those are the only games of his I care about, and probably the only games of his that anybody would really know too much about.

  3. I posted this earlier, but it seems to have been rejected.

    Anyways, I really like the FFXII setting. A lot of why the story is so wacked and why many mechanics were unfinished or lacking is because one of the main story and director guys, Yasumi Matsuno (FFT, Ogre Battle, vagrant story), got really sick during production. I really like that Ivalice setting in general though I can concede there’s not anything particularly special about it, it’s just well defined and has many cool characters and settings.

  4. What do you think about dissension and exclusion among fandoms? ex. ‘Its fine to like a game designed with X, but expecting every single big name game to follow this philosophy is ridiculous and should be ridiculed.’ which looks to me like a variant of ‘You’re bad and you should feel bad.’

    What do you think about posters on forums making posts that only consist of standard statements like “The only winning move is not to play.” and “TLDR”.

  5. This episode touched on a bunch of topics I like, and I’m even more excited for boardgames discussion. Which leads to question #1 (and #2):

    Eurogames/Eurotrash vs. Ameritrash (I have not heard Amerigames said much). What’s are your preferred types of boardgames to play and why? Are they weighty games like Chess or light stuff like Apples to Apples?

    Next question:

    There’s been a thing going around called E-literature. It includes some games (if you want to call them that) like Facade and the very strange “digital art and poetry” of Jason Nelson. Do you think stuff like this is promising in regards to the whole “games as art” thing, or is E-lit just as silly as Passage?

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